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Our team is dedicated to providing a professional and friendly body composition analysis, to educate the connection of mind and body and ensure you are achieving the most out of your daily exercise and living choices.

Host Program 

Mobile Body Scans operates in Canberra and the local region, we provide mobile medical grade body composition analysis, our team is licensed personal trainers who are knowledgeable about the importance of healthy diet and fitness decisions. We are registered with Fitness Australia.


The InBody 570 is a bioelectric impedance body composition analyzer that uses the 8 points tactile electrode, including thumb technology. It works by measuring your body parts individually instead of as a whole, providing an instant detailed report. The Inbody570 is state of the art technology and is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Host Venues

Our team are passionate about health and wellbeing, all fitness levels are welcome to attend a listed location and be guided by supportive and friendly experts. Personal fitness and nutrition programs, group fitness and boot camps are available.

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Personal Information

  • All client Body Composition Scan information collected, will be kept Confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties.

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